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Carol A Miele, grew up in Old Forge, Pennsylvania and graduated from Community Medical Center School of Nursing in 1965. She received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Wilkes University in 1977 and a Masters of Public Health from East Stroudsburg University in 2000. She retired from a 45 year nursing career in 2010 and lived with her husband Gene and their dog Flora at Indian Mountain Lakes, Pennsylvania. They moved to Ocala, Florida in Oct. 2013 where they hope to stay until the sun sets on their lives. They have two married daughters, Marisa Miele Grier and Kristen Miele Beatty.

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  1. Carol and I grew up together, she always had a stong and positive outlook on life. She would take an idea and just run with it. When she decided to write a book I knew it would be amazing because she is one amazing woman.

    • Yvonne…we have been friends for so long…I remember that we cried together when I told you about my diagnosis. I guess we were overdue because we have had more laughs together than most people have a right to have enjoyed!!

  2. Hi Carol,
    I just started reading your book (fellow metastatic sister), but have wondered several times what kind of breast cancer you had when diagnosed, and has that changed at all?

    Peace to you,
    Traci, Houston, Tx

    • Thank you for the note Tracy…I was away in a cruise, so I’m sorry to take awhile getting back to you. I had Lobular Cancer on the left breast that was rather large in size & never showed up on a mammogram. My Onc says it was growing a long time. I also had Ductal Carcinoma in the right breast that was small in size. After aggressive chemo over 7 months (Adriamycin/Cytoxin, then Abraxene/ Avastin), the Ductal tumor was gone & the Lobular had decreased 50% in size. there was no activity in the 7 locations of bone mets at that time (June 2011), so I was considered to be in remission & have remained that way since…and, I hope, for a long time.

      Would love to hear about your MBC experience…if you wish to share & how you are doing. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on the book…positive or negative.

  3. What I was trying ask (sorry for not being more specific), was ER/PR, Her2, positive or negative? My original bc was triple negative, the mets in my lungs are also triple negative, 6 yrs later. Been fighting for two years and thankfully mets have not spread. This is God and the result of many prayers.

    I am still enjoying the book.

    Continued blessings to you,

    • Hi Traci, I am ER/PR + and Her2- which is why I am maintained on an Aromatasse Inhibitor (femara). I also received Xgeva injections every 6 weeks for. bone xtfength. Glad you are enjoying my book. I hope it helps in some way. I believe that faith. prayef & a positive attitude can help to heal. Also, support from loved ones. Happy to hear your mets are in. control. Wish you a long, long period of inactivity. Hope I’ve answered your questions.

      Peace & Llve,

  4. Hi Carol was your cancer only in breast and bones. Mum on round 3 and going through all the emotions u describe. Hers is e+ p positive plus positive in he reception in liver and bones. I can’t believe this has happened again, did u have chemo is their hope?

    • Dear Sheryl,
      Sorry this took so long. I was having problems getting back into my website after moving from PA to Florida…I’m back up & running now. /i believe there is always hope. Some of the new chemo agents & non-chemo agents are doing wonderfully in keeping cancer at bay….even with mets in the liver, lungs and bone. To some extent, even people with mets to the brain have had some recent success.
      My cancer is only in the bones & since I’m post-menopausal and ER+/PR+, I can expect fairly good results….for awhile anyway. I had very aggressive chemo initially with Adriamycin & Cytoxan, followed by 12 weeks of Abraxene & Avastin. I’ve been in remission since June 2011 and still going strong.
      Best wishes to you & your Mum. Carol

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